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Parent Comments:

'We just wanted to drop a line to say thank you to Mr Bacon and Miss Salter for your time this morning and the evident care and thought prior to our meeting you have given.  Mr Golbey, it was really pleasing to see and hear how your team consider individual needs, showing real compassion and empathy.  They completely practice the ethos which is written down about St Andrews.'

'I particularly love the nurturing environment and that children's emotional needs are a huge priority. my daughter has always felt valued and respected and her needs have always been met to the highest of standards. The emphasis on emotional and social development is of utmost importance in this modern world and St Andrew's always delivers this.'

'The school seems comfortable discussing Christianity and has found a way to be faith-based while still being inclusive.'

'I like how the school feels like a small community. There is awareness and a strong sense of inclusiveness across the board. The teachers are kind, fun and very caring to the children. They work hard to demonstrate and encourage good behaviour and kindness, and are firm but fair, which makes it easier for children to understand what is considered to be good behaviour and to respect each other, their teachers and the school.'

'A lovely welcoming and caring community with great values.'

'St. Andrew's encourages kindness, good morals, honesty, and it accepts and nurtures individually.  Teachers generally seem open minded to offering different teaching styles to different pupils.  They seem to know each child well and how to get the best out of them.'

'The school ethos has a positive effect on my son, which of course I am happy with as this helps with his future development.'

'The school's inclusivity is something to be proud of, and is what makes me happy that my child goes there.'

'The school is very warm and welcoming, and my daughter is thriving'

'There is a genuine caring nature that is present with all staff and children, centred on kindness.'

'The school is fantastic . Thank you for all you do. Since Mr Bacon and Miss Moody took Bramber -------couldn't be happier ! He comes home full of energy , excitement and stories !'

'------- loves school and she is very happy.  Thank you to all the amazing staff who work so hard to make it such a fantastic place for the children to grow and learn.'

'St Andrews is a wonderful school and the children are so lucky to attend.  They have a very happy and well-rounded education and given an opportunity to achieve their best. Many thanks to the great staff team.'

'Moving ------- to St Andrew's has been a very positive experience for both -------- and ourselves.  ------ has grown in confidence and believes in himself, all thanks to the teachers working with -------- and encouraging him.'

'Thank you, we are very happy that my --------- got a place here, it was quick, welcoming, friendly and improved her academic abilities in a couple of weak areas. She enjoyed a couple of after school clubs too.'

'Couldn't be happier all round - the development and happiness of our child over the school year has been incredible and we are thrilled we found St Andrew's. thank you!'

'We feel lucky to be part of this school .  I greatly appreciate the expert care and attention given during the school day.  Also, the extra provision put in place for special needs.  It is a kind, caring, and happy school.  Big Thank you.'

'I think St Andrews is a fantastic school. It has a strong sense of community and inclusivity. The teachers are fun, approachable, clearly care about each individual student, and work hard to push them to do well, achieve more, be kind. respectful and have a strong sense of self, whilst maintaining a firm but fair teaching approach, which the students respect and understand.
I particularly think it benefits the children, especially the younger ones, that the Head, Mr Golbey is very much visible and present in the children's daily lives at school, as is Mr Bacon. It demonstrates to each child that they are valued, heard, and feel comfortable enough to share their concerns and achievements with these people as well as their own class teachers. It shows they are approachable people and demonstrates a ' my door is always open' policy . We couldn't believe how quickly Mr Golbey, and Mr Bacon had lerant all the children's names when they first joined reception. This goes for all the staff really. It makes a parent feel reassured that the Head and his staff work hard to get to know each child. ------- is looking forward to coming and reading to Mr Golbey when she feels brave enough and -----wants to play on all the sports teams with Mr Bacon!
We also think it is good that when children are misbehaving or being disruptive in class, that that child, or those children can be taken to see Mr Golbey, and he can spend some time addressing the issue, which demonstrates strong respect and support to the teaching staff in these circumstances. It also shows children where the line is and creates safe but clear boundaries regarding what is deemed acceptable behaviour. It also provides a calm, quiet, safe space when children need some down time , if they are feeling upset or worried about what might have transpired in class, and allows them the opportunity to reflect and talk about it should they wish.
None of the teachers seem jaded at St Andrews.
They all work extremely hard we know, but their outward presentation is always one of energy, enthusiasm, passion and kindness. That's why we picked St Andrews!'

'We've loved the first term of school, it has exceeded our expectations. There are smiles who greet you every day, help always available and lots of fun and I can clearly see how much he has learnt in his first term. thanks'

'The reception staff have done a brilliant job of settling the class in and making sure school is a fun and happy place for the children to be.'

'We have had such a warm welcome from the school and their staff. ---- has loved his first term.'

'----- loves coming to school and is always happy when she is collected.  All the staff are wonderful.  Thank you.'

'I couldn't be happier with our choice of primary school. The staff are approachable and helpful and gauge the level of work appropriately. My son loves coming to school and loves his teachers who always encourage and motivate him.'

'I love that the school's priority is the children's emotional well-being, that for me is the most important thing, as it is the foundation for everything else.'

'St Andrews is truly a family school. I've always been happy with the school and thank my lucky stars that all the staff are so caring and wonderful. Thank you.'

'I have nothing but good things to say about this school   Always made my child feel cared for and valued.'

'We couldn't be happier with St Andrew's and the staff are top notch.  -------'s teacher, Mrs Davies is excellent and ------- is so happy (and lucky) to have her.  From both my wife and I - a massive thank you to Nathan and all of his staff for taking such good care of ------ every day.'

'If you are looking for a school where children are cared for and encouraged to be the best they can be, this is the school for you. St Andrews has been the choice for both my children. My daughter is now in secondary and she often remembers her primary school with great fondness . Its a small, friendly school and the children are kind and polite. Its a great community to be part of. I love the Christian ethos of the school and how they celebrate Christian values and teach how to embrace differences. My children have benefited greatly from being part of St Andrews. They have had opportunities every year to be in a production for their year group. Children are celebrated here and that comes through in everything the school does.'

'Both of our boys attend St Andrews and we couldn't be happier with all aspects of the school from teaching, support, enviroment and super friendly parents. Everyone looks out for one another and there is always a warm welcoming atmosphere. We are a great community who support the children and teachers alike. We have seen great changes for the school in the last few years and these are evident in the way the children progress through their school life.'

'Both my children have attended St Andrew's since they started school, and I would highly recommend it if you would like a warm, supportive and nurturing school environment for your child. My eldest is preparing to start a new journey at secondary school, and I cannot thank the school enough for the hard work, skill and love they have poured into his childhood over the past 7 years. I know that both my children will look back on their time at St Andrew's as a very special chapter in their lives, and I will miss it too when my daughter finishes.'

'St Andrew's C of E school has been wonderful for our two girls, who have completed seven years there already. They thoroughly enjoyed the learning which has been delivered enthusiastically across the subjects involving historical trips, hands on learning, use of technology as well as traditional methods. Our two boys are currently at the school and are particularly keen on the sports activities. Matches are arranged with other local schools and there are also a good variety of after school clubs. We also have been grateful for the Christian basis on which the school stands and how every year there is a nativity for the younger ones and a drama production for the older ones. The staff care about the students and good relationships are built with them. Many parents are also involved with activities in the school, so this is like one big community.'

'Thank you St Andrews for being a brilliant school for all our children. We've been involved since 2010 ! The main highlights are Sports Day, Leavers' show, Christmas jumper activity day and the residential trips! It's also great that there are connections with international schools. Well done to all the lovely staff over the years!'

'Both of my boys attend St Andrews School and we couldn't be happier. It is like a little family of its own. The children are well cared for, their individual needs met, encouraged day in an and most of all they are happy to go to school in the mornings. I highly recommend St Andrews.'

'I would highly recommend St Andrews school to anyone looking for a friendly, nurturing and safe environment for their child. From the Headmaster to the teaching staff, they encourage a calm, inspiring and fun teaching approach throughout your child’s education. It is an amazing community school spirit where parents and teachers happily come together to support the good of the school.'

'A great school that has helped our three boys flourish. The learning is superb, but it’s the smiles that are most important and all the activities beyond the classroom that make St Andrews special. We know our children are really well cared for and the school is superbly led by Mr Golbey who constantly drives the school forward.'

'My daughter has been at St Andrews for over four years and enjoyed every minute; the staff and students are friendly and welcoming and the school environment is nurturing and fun. She has learnt loads and become very confident with all of her peers across the year groups. I have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone!'

'St Andrew’s is a wonderful school, with a real family feel to it. The team there work tirelessly to ensure the children have the best learning experience. My children love going to this school each and every day!'

'St Andrew's is an exceptional school where pupils are happy, and polite, and staff are attentive and know how to get the best out of each pupil. The friendly atmosphere is apparent the minute you walk through the school's door. My daughter joined the school a year ago and is very happy, settled and well looked after there. Thoroughly recommend St Andrew's!'

'My son is in Reception at St Andrew's and we have been so impressed with the school. The teachers are brilliant, they all know every child's name. My son is happy to go to school every day. A fantastic school that I highly recommend!'

'I am a former pupil of St. Andrews School. I loved it very much and it was a lovely place to learn. I am now in secondary School - Millais and can say that I really enjoyed it and the teachers are lovely. I was in a really good place when i started secondary school thanks to the good teaching I had in primary. Overall I think it is an amazing school with good teaching. Everyone is very lovely and is helpful even to those who need extra help. A great school that accomodates every pupil. I miss it very much :)'

'How delighted I am to see my two grandsons thrive, where their welcome and nurture at St Andrews over the last 9 months, after a sudden change in their life's experience, has been a major contributory factor. It was a difficult task to extract them from school on the first day, and this has set an ongoing precedent! The ambience throughout is care, peace and family - alongside the priority of the high standard of education that is being provided. Congratulations to all the teachers and staff who are building the school into what it is, giving the children a strong foundation on which to stand for the rest of their lives. Thank you.'

'St Andrews is a happy and friendly school Both of our children attend the school and really enjoy going to school each day. The teachers work hard to make learning fun for the children.'

'My partner's two children attend St Andrew's and it provides a very happy and supportive environment for their learning and development. The staff are always very friendly and welcoming and happy to assist with anything the children require.'

'The most amazing little village school which has truly been the making of both my children. They work hard in every area and offer exceptional wrap around care and extra curricular activities. In my opinion it is by far the best school in the area'

'This is a lovely friendly school attended by our grandchildren who have made great progress since they started. The headmaster is always welcoming to us when we visit the school and he is supported by a great team.'

'All 3 of my children have been or are currently at St.Andrews. The school is a little community in itself and the staff really are One Team with heart and passion for your children's education!'

'My Boys both went to school at st Andrew's and I cant fault the school and would highly recommend, my boys thrived there and my eldest said to me if I could do my whole school life at st Andrew's it would be amazing.'

'This is a fab school for the kids! Very supportive and a nice size so that all the kids are well looked after.'

'A wonderful school with high quality teaching staff with a warm friendly atmosphere.'