Foundation Governors
Mr David Christian (Chair) 
Mrs Judy Smith (Vice Chair) Resources Committee
Mrs Julia Greaves  Teaching, Learning and Ethos Committee
The Venerable Angela Martin Archdeacon of Horsham - Ex-officio
Mr Geoff Smith Teaching, Learning and Ethos Committee
Non Foundation Governors
Mr Nathan Golbey (Headteacher)
Mrs Kelly Roberts (Teaching and Support representative) Resources Committee
Mr Les Hart (Parent) Teaching, Learning and Ethos Committee
Mrs Karen Wilson (Parent) Teaching and Ethos Committee
Mr Phil Acton (Associate) Resources Committee
Mr Jay Mercer (Local Authority Governor) Resources Committee
Treasurer: Mrs Marcia Burchett
Clerk: Mrs Lisa Harrison

Governors Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

Register of Interests for the Governing Body


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Governors' attendance record 2019-2020

Governors' attendance record 2020-21

Governors' attendance record 2021-22

Governors' attendance record 2022-23





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