Our Values and Ethos

Welcome to St Andrew’s C of E Primary School in Nuthurst.  We are a small, friendly and inclusive community where relationships are valued highly and learning is engaging for all.  

Our vision is for the children to be able to flourish and be happy in the modern world, through providing them with an environment and curriculum that meet their individual needs.  That means using a broad, creative curriculum to equip them with the skills, knowledge, and sense of responsibility to make a positive difference, and feel valued in the world around them – at school, at home, at work, and in wider society.  This includes having a strong moral, compassionate code that enables positive and fulfilling relationships with those around them.  We aspire for our children to develop their self-esteem, spirituality, respect for difference, and appreciate their own and others’ unique talents.

Our mission statement is: 'Learning for Life; Aiming for Excellence; Guided by God'


Learning for Life

Skills for Life: Whereas all subjects contribute to enriching the school curriculum, we at St Andrew’s believe there are certain skills that we all need to help us lead successful lives at school, home and work.  We have identified those as being Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Computing, Independence and Working With Others. 

Meanwhile, other curriculum areas also provide skills, knowledge and understanding needed in life, such as: the ability to see things from another perspective (History and RE);  the benefits of a healthy lifestyle (PE, Science, RSHE); knowledge and understanding of the world around us (History, Geography, RE, Science).

The creative and performing arts provide opportunities for enjoyment and expression, whilst being part of a wider community in which we appreciate culture, build self esteem and enrich our lives.


Aiming for Excellence

At St Andrew’s every child matters, and we endeavour to ensure that every child does their best to meet their potential.  We have high expectations of teaching and learning, and we very much believe in working as a team for the benefit of each child in every class, especially those who may be disadvantaged.  Excellence is represented by our 3 P's (Presentation, Productivity and Progress) and achieved consistently when when all parties take responsibility.


Guided by God

Values for Life: As a Church of England School, we use the teachings of Jesus to help strengthen the children’s values.  Through daily Worship and other class work, we explore in detail twelve core values, which underpin our six Golden Rules:

  • We consider others;
  • We respect differences;
  • We are honest;
  • We forgive;
  • We care for the environment;
  • We try our best.

We reinforce these values not only by exploring them in Religious Education and Collective Worship, but by modelling these behaviours and expecting them in others.


Nathan Golbey (Headteacher)