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 St Andrew’s exchange visit to ACK Holy Trinity, Sosiot, Kenya

February 2020

Headteacher Mr Nathan Golbey accompanied Mrs Helen Hazlewood and Mrs Debbie Dean on this year's visit to Sosiot (February 2020).  To see what we got up to during our stay, please read the following summary and watch the following videos, which show the energy and vitality of the wonderful children and staff at our partner school:

Having secured a second contract with the British Council for ‘Connecting Classrooms’, we had a second successful visit to our partner school, ACK Holy Trinity, Sosiot, earlier this year.  We were again very touched and humbled by the warm welcome we received. 

We went with 3 main objectives:

Objective 1:  A collaborative project on Climate Change and Zero Waste (the objective being to develop children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills as global citizens)

Objective 2:  Teaching phonics (the objective being to develop a multi-sensory approach to learning to read)

Objective 3:  Using IT in the classroom (the objective being to use projected images to support the new Kenyan curriculum using just a laptop, projector and white sheet).

Many discussions and exchanges of ideas were also had about the current transition in Kenya from a knowledge-based to skills-based curriculum, very much modelled on ours.    We discussed next steps for us working with them on this.

The visit was very productive and an amazing learning experience for all parties.  We look forward to continuing and developing the partnership in future years.

Finally, we would like to thank the British Council and the children, parents and governors of ACK Holy Trinity and St. Andrew’s CE Primary School for all their involvement and support in this partnership. 





During February half term, Mrs Hazlewood and Mrs Dean visited our link school Holy Trinity ACK Sosiot - Kenya. We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs and videos and the news that we have been sent since our visit. 


Message Board


Dear St Andrews,

Today we had the student council elections. Our learners really value this exercise, it was well done and announced. The winners will be sworn in at the assembly on Monday. It's a better way of teaching citizenship and democracy.


Dear St Andrews, 

It was a public holiday today and this presented us with a very good opportunity to harvest and shell our maize. The stalks and cobs will be sold to the dairy and poultry farmers respectively. So everything is useful here. We enjoyed doing it.



Dear St Andrews,

We have elections for the students' leadership this coming Friday. They officially began their campaigns yesterday.




Dear St Andrews, 

We have had a bumper harvest from our school farm this year! It's huge harvest we are targeting over 15bags of 90kgs @. This is a great subsidy for our school and we are sure it's fresh! 


Hello everyone,

I am attending a British Council conference, the training is rich of information. We are 30 Kenyan headteachers, 15 master trainers and the BC officials. The whole thing is about effective leadership at school. Working with all the stakeholders to realize a maximum output. We shall work in groups tomorrow to develop an action plan which we shall go back and use in school. It's marvellous!


Dear St Andrews,

Today we paid a visit to Mr. William arap Siele. He's 72. His daughter passed on and left him with six grandchildren. We are able to sponsor one of the children and he /she should start schooling from 17th Monday next week. We are able to sponsor Gloria, a grade 4. She has qualified and will join us officially from Monday.



Dear St Andrews, five of our staff members including Rev Kirui John did a two day tour of Nairobi. It was an amazing experience.  We went to the national museum, the animal orphanage and the national assembly. We had a really enjoyable visit. five of our staff members including Rev Kirui John did a two day tour of Nairobi. It was an amazing experience.  We went to the national museum, the animal orphanage and the national assembly. We had a really enjoyable visit.  

July 2018

Mr Asoro is  proud to announce that Holy Trinity ACK now have a school bus so that pupils who live further away can now get to school. 

22/05/2018 - From Mr Asoro

Hello Everyone,

It was our day today! Madam Jedida who is also our music and drama specialist took a group of 75 learners to the sub county music festivals. We scooped everything in the classes we took part in and we are now heading to county level which comprises of 7 districts. 


Dear Mr Asoro and Madam Jedida

Congratulations to you from your friends at St Andrews!




18/05/2018 - From Mr Asoro

Dear St Andrews 

The introductory class had a small party, their classmate Michael had a birthday.




27/04/2018 - From St Andrews 

Dear Mr Asoro,

Following the presentations given by Mrs Dean and Mrs Hazlewood an anonymous donor has made an extraordinary gift to enable you to come over to England to visit our school! We are so happy and cannot wait to welcome you.





22/04/2018 - From Mr Asoro 


Dear St Andrews

We normally have six rounds of tests with a group of 14 schools.

We are happy to report that we emerged position 3 out of the 14. Again Hillary Okumu, our student, was position one out of the 444 candidates who sat for the test.

We celebrate this because the competition is always very tough with several ties.



Dear  Mr Asoro

Many many congratulations to you and your staff and the pupils.

What an outstanding achievement for Hillary.

From, St Andrews








22/04/2018 - From Mr Asoro


Hello to all at St Andrews

Madam Jedida, Reverend John, three of our board members and I paid a surprise visit to Memo, a year four pupil who applied for a scholarship at our school.

We went to assess if she could qualify. After the visit we unanimously agreed to offer her a full sponsorship.

She will begin her studies in ACK once we resume in May next term.

It's our sincere hope that this will provide her with an opportunity to live up to her dreams.



Dear Mr Asoro

That is wonderful news,

we are sure she will be successful in the care of ACK Holy Trinity and wish her all the best.

From, St Andrews 







12/04/2018 - From Mr Asoro

Dear St Andrews

We expect to receive our bus by 4th May so we are preparing to interview drivers next week.

Our own bus will be ferrying learners to and from school.

It is currently being assembled in Nairobi, I will send photographs when it arrives. It is all good news. 


Dear Mr Asoro

Congratulations on your bus, good news indeed!

From, St Andrews




Photographs and Videos